Finding Motivation

Eating less and eating better are the two easier component of the dieting for me.  Despite my usual compulsion to eat, I tend to have an easy time curbing how much I eat and what I eat.  I tend to drop right into that.

The most difficult task I face is actually exercising.  It’s not that I dislike physical exercise, I just don’t like the time it takes out of my day.  I spend that time thinking about what that time could better be spent doing.  I could be writing, reading, cleaning, catching up with friends, anything other than wasting my time just running or doing yoga or whatever activity I have chosen.  Thing is, if I got that time back from exercising I seriously doubt I would actually write, read, or clean.  Chances are that time would go towards watching TV.

So the question is how do I motivate myself?  Do I wait for it to come?  Do I force myself to work out anyway?  Do I set up rewards for myself?  What do others do to change their way of thinking?  Any thoughts?

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