Foodie on a Diet

In some ways California is a great place to diet.  Great atmosphere, lot’s of gyms and activities, and finding low cal, low fat, gluten free, steroid free, organic food is remarkable easy to find.  It’s the land of diets and weight loss.  But it’s also the land of remarkably good food and incredibly beautiful, small, local restaurants.  It’s a foodies paradise.  I am amazed at the things I can order when I go out to eat; creative combinations and mixes of flavors that come together to make some of the best food you have ever eaten.

I love this stuff, it’s what I have always wanted.  As a kids I used to love to watch cooking shows and I earned to eat at a restaurant that had more than burgers and fries.  Growing up on a series of Air Forces bases and living the in suburbs makes that incredibly hard to find.  You eat at chain restaurants that are familiar no matter where you are; you look at them and know exactly what you would order in a second.  It’s familiar, yes, but it’s also boring.  I love going to restaurants where I have to stare at the menu for several minutes, marveling at what is available.

This is rough when you are on a diet.  It’s so much harder to control what you are eating going out, and with the ridiculous portion sizes, it’s like defeat waiting to happen.  And when the food tastes amazingly good, it just gets worse!  Luckily I have found the strength to only eat half, which means that I can save the meal and savor it another time, instead of eating it all at once.  It makes it easier.  And it’s nice to draw the meal out over two.

So I guess it’s not the worst thing being a foodie on a diet in LA.  You get good food, and you get to enjoy it twice as much!

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