The thing about dieting or trying to get healthy is that it’s hard.  Very, very, hard.  You have to rethink everything and change your ways.  It is a conscious choice that we have to make and then power ourselves to do.  It can become difficult and scary.

I have once again fallen off the diet wagon.  I have two reasons as to why this happens, 1. because I am stressed, and 2. because I am on vacation.  So what was it this time?  Both.  First I had a very stressful two weeks that made life incredibly complicated, and then I went home to Colorado.  Then, if you read my last blog there is the sneaky third reason of holiday candy.

So now that life is beautiful and bright and wonderful (if you have been around me in the last two you know I am like Annie I am so damn cheerful), why am I still eating crap?!  I could be using this bright an lovely energy to be running, not to polish off that evil bag of Candy Corn (which is finally gone by the way).

So here it is.  The official recommitting.  I am back to the diet.  Back to being careful of what I eat, eating healthfully.  I am back to running because I want to run a 5K.  Diet and exercise for me, not to be thin, but to feel better.  You read it here people.  This is happening.  Right now.  I hope you’ll join me!

13 thoughts on “Recommiting….again…

  1. I’ll join you. There are a couple of problems, however.
    1) I really enjoy food
    2) Stress

    But, I’ve got to do something. I really can’t stand looking at my body anymore.

    All my best,

      1. So, um, let me get this straight.

        We’re starting tomorrow. I just need to know if I’m having my Sunday night blowout.


        I’ve never dieted WITH someone before…maybe this time it’ll take?

      2. Yeah! Let’s do this. I did my weigh in today, but I will gladly start with you tomorrow. We can keep blog and Twitter support going.

      3. OK. We can get in touch with each other tomorrow and take it from there.

        I’m really excited. Maybe we can help each other out on this.

        Like you, I’ve had my successes including my Masters Degree and other honors and, yet, the weight issue continues to elude me. Don’t understand it.

  2. Today went OK mostly because I’ve been kind of sick. So, I guess it doesn’t count. I weighed in today at 183 pounds and hoping to be 175 in 2 months in time for a wedding. No, it’s not a great amount, but it’s something. Besides, I was told by my doctor to shoot for 1 pound a week. So there! I’m going to start today adding this to my site.

    So…how did it go for you today? I’m dying to know.

    Oh, can I use your name also with a link to your site and say we’re doing this together and maybe we can get others to join?


    1. Nice! That is a great goal!

      Yesterday was crazy for me. I did well during the day knowing that I was going to go to watch the Bronco’s game with friends, where of course I drank my calories and ate delicious and fattening bar food. So eh….it goes. Today has been better thus far. I came in at 255, and hoping to reach 230 by my birthday in January.

      Absolutely, please feel free to use my name and site. I’ll do the same.

      1. I would be thrilled if I could lose 25 pounds by January.

        I think I’ll shoot for that number also. (Do you like how I just glom onto whatever you are doing? lol)

        Ok…hopefully, I can figure out how I want to put this on my site.

        You really needed to eat yesterday because that stuff is really tempting.

        I did NOT have a blow-out which I really always need before starting a diet, but all these blowouts are killing me.

        Thanks, Emily

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