What Are You Waiting For?

It’s a question that Gwen Stefani posed to me years ago.  It’s a darn good question.  What am I waiting for?

In the last week or so, I have undergone a change, a change that I have been ramping up to as I slowly (or in some case,s quickly) approach 30.  I have spend most of my life listening to the doubters, the ones who thought I couldn’t do something or have something, the ones who were negative. I have spent most of my life believing I am less for being a curvy and bigger girl, that I am less for being a woman, that I am a supporting player, not a lead.  Why?  As I age and settle into the woman that I am and that I have always been, and I am becoming less afraid of the power that I hold within myself.  I have been lucky enough to have amazing people come into my life and tell me I can do more and be bigger, people who stare at me and can’t quite figure out why I am holding back (you know who you are!)  So what am I waiting for?  Take a chance, ’cause you might grow.  From now on, I am no longer holding back, I am taking on the world head on.  Truly becoming Diet Girl and challenging the world.  I am thrilled to see what life, and what my 30s bring me.

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