Settling in to my New Diet

So I week has gone by since I decided it was time to clean up my eating and I ventured out on this new diet.  To remind you, I said I would be following these basic parameters:

  My goal is plain and simple.  Exercise, eat better, and eat less.  I have decided to DRASTICALLY cut sugar, and hopefully to cut it out completely.  I am cutting grains.  I am upping my vegetable intake while keeping my fruit intake.  I am eating organic. (Can you guys tell I live in California yet?) I will keep eating lean proteins.  I will limit dairy.  Worst of all, I am going to limit and ultimately cut out caffeine.  Beautiful and delicious caffeine.

I didn’t jump full force into the diet, mostly because I still had tons of sugary and grainy foods sitting around myself and I can’t just throw them out.  I also didn’t replenish them when I went shopping.  So really I have been easing into it.  I have cut back sugar, I have cut back grains, I have stuck within the plan I laid out, and I have been slowly getting rid of the “bad” foods in my house.

This first week of diet effort was also coupled with some job stress, moving stress, and the stress of finding a new roommate.  It was stress city.  The interesting thing about that though, was I never felt compelled to stress eat.  I ate a few late night snacks that could be close, but they were small handfuls of crackers or nut that quickly subsided the craving.

The best part of the whole thing is I feel better.  Even though I haven’t made the full leap into the grainless-sugarless diet, I can feel the difference in my cutting back.  And I lost 1.5 lbs!

I will keep forging on with this diet, hopefully finishing out the last of my grains and sugars this week, and then we’ll see what this diet can really do.

4 thoughts on “Settling in to my New Diet

  1. Congrats on getting started! That’s the hardest part. Bread/pasta have always been my biggest weakness because it’s so easy to eat too much. I never used to keep them in the house. I recently moved in with my boyfriend who is a huge carb-o-haulic and it’s made my life much more challenging!

  2. So proud of you! I’ve been easing myself into this diet and even though my first day was pretty rough, I’m on board again. What I need to do is figure out why I eat so much at night. If I could just go to sleep, but I’m such a night owl.

    Keep up the good work!

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