Image Exercise: Day 1

Every few days or so, one of my Facebook friends shares a picture that is an quick and easy exercise plan.  Now, if you read my blog you know what I think about share-able content on Facebook, but I actually enjoy these.  Every time I see them I am somewhat guilty for reading Facebook and not actually exercising, and about every 3 posts I actually try the exercise.  For about a week.  And then I get bored and read more Facebook.

The past week this image has been posted all over my Facebook:

photo (1)


Despite the annoyingly thin woman in the photo with abs I would die for, it is not what is convincing me to do this plan.  What I want is to slowly build to a 90 sec plank because the plank is one of those mysterious things that people do that my body just doesn’t seem to have the power or capability to replicate.  Most of these little images want you do do a 30 second plank, which is just not going to happen and scares me from the get go.  But a 10 second plank, I can attempt a 10 second plank.

So I am going to do this plan, day by day, slowly building to the golden 90 second plank at the end of the 24 days.  I’ll keep you up to date as the plans goes on letting you know my struggles and whether or not the plan really is working.  Will I really be able to withstand an additional 80 seconds in less than a month, because the 10 seconds I did today was actually hard.  I started wavering at 5 seconds, and I hated life around second 8.  I pushed through to 10, but the thought of adding an additional 2 seconds tomorrow is kind of scary.  Yeah, that’s what I wrote.  Leg raises were harder than they looked as well, but I felt good about it.  Crunches are a favorite exercise for me, so I did 10 whole crunches instead of the prescribed 5.  Day one down.  On to the next.

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