Stepping On Rocks

Imagine taking a step and coming down hard on a rock on the back right side of your heel.  I am sure that anyone who has done that can actually feel that pain and is wincing right now.  That is what every step on my right foot currently feels like.  I have plantar fasciitis (which likes to auto-correct to fascist.  Every. Damn. Time.)  You can google it.   It sucks.  If you have ever had a bout with it, likely you are reading this post remembering that strange pain.

I’ve had this on and off for several years.  Each doctors visit gives me a list of stretches and exercises, but of course no real cure because there is no real cure.  Rest it, but not too much.  Use ice, massage it, stretch it, and maybe one day you will magically feel less crappy.  Best of luck.

This is the worst I have had it.  A product of being overweight and trying to correct that by running and made worse by the fact that I love flip flops and flats which have no support whatsoever.  So I came to a rough decision Saturday morning before the Color Run.  I had to sit this one out.

After the Color Run, my friends brought up a good point.  I was spending far too much of my energy training for the 5Ks and trying to heal in the process.  Now I needed making healing my focus, and stop worrying about the 5Ks.

New Focus: Heal. And keep working out in ways that promote the healing.  I can bike and take on yoga.  I can weight train and work on various core exercises.  And I can keep with all the stretching, icing (is that even the correct way to say that, all I can picture is frosting on my foot!), and massaging so that hopefully I can get back to some light training by 2017.  Then I can take the summer 2017 5Ks by storm.

2 thoughts on “Stepping On Rocks

  1. Heal first!
    I was told by my East-West doc today heat, not ice, for PF.
    Also? Try to find a good acupuncturist near you. Mine does foot massage incorporated with it and it helps somewhat. But only if I’m not overdoing it!
    Love & strength!

    1. The ice is the one thing that does work. I take a plastic water bottle, freeze it, and roll it under my foot. It does stop the pain. I will try heat too!

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