Finding Monday Motivation on Tuesday

Labor Day weekend has thrown me.  This weekend was full of food and alcohol and laziness and fun and this morning I woke up feeling it all.  My back aches, my foot aches, and I have a sense of guilt that I lost a day of work.

This morning I used that as motivation to get up and get going.  It sort of worked.  I started yoga, but I struggled to finish with the aches in my body.  So now I am back to eating well, working hard, and I am probably going to have to repeat the yoga tonight so I can get a good session in.

The good news is that I have had some positive feelings in my foot and I think there might be a nice long walk in my future.  The ice and stretches have been working wonders on it!  It shouldn’t be too long before I am in for a good run as well.

What’s keeping you motivated after Labor Day?

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