Weigh In Wednesday: Slow Start

The good news for the week is that my foot is finally starting to feel better.  What was once consistent pain in now occasional pain.  Stretching and ice seem to be the biggest factors, and I have ordered a cushion for my foot that I can walk on all day which is also supposed to help.

Thank you to everyone who suggested things to help out! I knew it was common, but I didn’t know it was so common among my friends.  Here I am suffering in silence and it turns out you were suffering in silence too.

I have been trying to drink my four bottles and I would say it goes well most days and I have been finding alternate ways to exercise while my foot is on the mend.  Most days I focus on yoga, stretching out all my achy, unused muscles.

I decided after another painful bout with back pain to add in some crunches.  I love those challenges where they increase what they do each day, so I am doing the same thing.  Like this one from Fitness Cafe:


The 20 crunch goal was way too easy for me since I often just lay down and do crunches, so I set the baseline by doing as many as I could before I hurt.  I did a set of regular crunches, one set for each side of side crunches, and set of reverse crunches.

Base Line:

Regluar: 30

Side: 20 on each side

Reverse: 30

Total: 100 crunches!

Each day I increase by 5. So today was 35, 25, 25, 25 for a total of 120.

That should help trim my stomach a little bit and help my back not hurt nearly as much.  Core strength is my weakness for sure.

Finally, that brings me to the weigh in, one pound down and some shifting measurements:

(all measurements in inches, last week’s #s in <>, )

  • Weight: 277.2  <278.2>
  • Neck: 16.25 <16.5>
  • Upper Arm: 16.5 <17>
  • Chest: 51.25 <50.25>
  • Natural Waist: 50 <50>
  • Modern Waist: 49 <48.25>
  • Butt: 52 <52.5>
  • Thigh: 29.75 <29.25>


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