Feeling Good Friday: My First Run Back

I have to say I was terrified to run.  It was a goal that I had set for myself to run today, but I wasn’t 100% sure I was going to make it.  I have been feeling better, the pain lessening, but the pain is still there.

My focus was healing and listening to my body and my body has been sending me urgent messages that it was time to exercise in some way.  My leg were getting that itch, and my head was getting a little cloudier and depressed.

Yesterday, I set out on a trial walk to the Starbucks near me to meet a friend for coffee.  It was part necessity as they are repaving my apartment complex’s parking lots and not only is parking space at a premium, but I had the best spot.  It was part just wanting to do more than sitting around.  It was my test.

It went well.  My arch cramped up a bit, but I think that was because I was focusing on it too much.  I noticed while sitting at Starbucks that the pain was gone, and the few times I walked after sitting I had no pain.  A win.  I walked home and though I had less cramping in my foot it was still there.  The real test came this morning when I got up.  It was more tense and painful than it had been in the last week, but it didn’t stick around long and as they day went on I felt like I was ready to conquer a run.

It was great!  I went with no expectations on time or distance.  I would just see what my foot would do.  There was a little pain, but as I kept running the first lap in the park it loosened up, so I took a second lap, this time with the longer version of the track, and I felt good, I wasn’t breathing hard, my foot felt ok.  It was my legs taking the brunt of the pain filling with the expected surge of lactic acid.  At the end of the second lap I was so close to a mile that I kept going.  And then I hit it: 1 mile in 17:48.  My best time ever in my adult life!  And I did it with no stress and no expectations.  Bonus!

The healing process is not over!  There is a little pain now, but I am icing it up and taking care of it.  I am already thinking about my next run!

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