Weigh In Wednesday: Damn you holiday Oreos!

The Wednesday Weigh in is finally here and I am feeling just a little bit scared because my household started its annual tradition of buying holiday Oreos and eating them as quickly as we can.  Ok, I know I shouldn’t.  I really do know how much I shouldn’t.  But then I did.  It was a weak moment (or two) and I ate a stack of Oreos with milk. So yeah, weigh in could go any way.  Luckily it doesn’t look as bad as it could:

(all measurements in inches, last week’s #s in <>, beginning numbers in {} )

  • Weight: 277.4 <277.2>  {278.2}
    • .2 for a stack or two of Oreos might be worth it
  • Neck: 16.25 <16.25> {16.5}
  • Upper Arm: 16.25 <16.5> {17}
  • Chest: 51 <51.25> {50.25}
  • Natural Waist: 49.5 <50> {50}
    • A small movement but a nice one!
  • Modern Waist: 49.5 <49> {48.25}
    • This one keeps going up, which is mildly concerning
  • Butt: 51.75 <52> {52.5}
  • Thigh: 29.25 <29.75> {29.25}


The good news is that everything has been going well as far as exercising.  I am up to 60 crunches on each side, so that is a total of 240.  It didn’t seem to be doing so well though, like my body would sort of reject doing some after all the repetitive movement, so I am trying to break them down into smaller chunks.  It seems to be more effective.

I am still drinking 4 bottles of water a day, most days.  On the days I don’t I can certainly tell the difference.

Lastly, I went for another run today.  I was slower today, but I also was able to avoid the pain with a little arch sleeve suggested by a wonderful friend from high school.  The pain isn’t totally gone, but it’s the best that it has been in a long time, and it took less time to recover when I was done.  Victories all around I say.

This week I am going to focus more on my eating, making sure I avoid the sugary snacks.  And I am going to try to run a few days a week.  See you this time next week with the results!

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