Feeling Good Friday: I Made a Movie

Today I have to gush a little bit about a movie I made in LA called Displacement.  I loved working on this film. I was lucky to get a job working for Kenneth Mader when I went to LA, starting with him as a sort of office temp and social media marketer.  As things began to move forward with Displacement, Ken brought me on as Line Producer.

First day champagne!

The movie was shot in pieces, and they grew more and more exciting as we moved forward. The cast includes amazing actors including Courtney Hope, Sarah Douglas, Susan Blakely, and Bruce Davison. The crew was made up of some of the most interesting and wonderful people I had ever met.

Me with Sarah Douglas!

And now Displacement is going to be on TV!  TV!  It’s cool enough that my name is in the credits.  Then it went on to play on the big screen and win a ton of awards.  Now it will be readily accessible on your TV on the Lifetime Movie Network starting Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 7:30am.  How incredible is that?!

Working on Displacement has been a dream come true, and I am so very proud of it!

It’s official!
My name in the credits!

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