Wednesday Weigh In: Aches and Pains

I hurt.  In the past 24 hours I have done a lot to hurt myself.  First I dropped a heavy glass spice bottle on my toe yesterday morning. The glass thankfully didn’t break, but it bruised my toe something good. Later in the day I decided to exercise by walking to my afternoon meeting. I put on my little arch support and took off.  About 5 minutes into my walk I felt my little arch support slip and I started walking weird.  Since I was close I kept right on going.  Now I seem to have a knot in my back from the overcompensating.  In trying to stretch that out for my morning exercise I am pretty sure I aggravated my sciatic nerve in the other leg.  And last, but not least, I have a little rash on my wedding ring finger I have been trying to heal, yesterday it looked free and clear so I replaced my rings.  An hour later the rash was back and way more intense than it had been.  So I place the ring once again on my left hand.  Then this morning I am putting dishes away with that left hand and my ring snags on a drawer and it contorts and scrapes my finger.

Sigh.  What does this all mean?  What have I been doing to myself? For me the lesson is to slow down, shut up, and listen to my body.  Something that is even more evident in how I feel which is like crap.

I feel like crap because once again I have been eating like crap.  I wasn’t great this weekend by any means, and I haven’t been doing so great since.  I know I am addicted to food, and sometimes I can’t help but eat it or give in to a craving.  It’s why I chose pizza instead of my husband’s delicious stirfry.  It’s why I proclaimed on Saturday night that I was craving Pepperoni Rolls and I headed over to Old Chicago.  It’s why I keep eating breakfast burritos for breakfast even when I feel like that isn’t what I want.  It’s a struggle, day in and day out.

So today I am back to basics, and I am picking up my motivation lesson from this week and I am going to slow down and listen to my body.

The good news is, despite a weight gain, I feel like my number for this week are really good.

(all measurements in inches, last week’s #s in <>, beginning numbers in {} )

  • Weight: 279.4 <277.4>  {278.2}
    • Two whole lbs seems excessive to me, I need to be more careful
  • Neck: 16.5 <16.25> {16.5}
  • Upper Arm: 16.75 <16.25> {17}
  • Chest: 50.25 <51> {50.25}
  • Natural Waist: 49.5 <49.5> {50}
  • Modern Waist: 48.5 <49.5> {48.25}
    • Finally this one seems to be moving
  • Butt: 51.5 <51.75> {52.5}
    • This makes me happy!  What a great change!
  • Thigh: 28.75 <29.25> {29.25}

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