Monday Motivation: Black, White, and Gray

I talk a lot about how much I love my YPT group.  They are possibly the most amazing support system I have ever had, and this past week was yet another example to uphold that.

I had lunch with one of my YPT pals, the one that I used to see on a daily basis, sit next to at work, and was totally my work support system at one time. At lunch, I spoke with her about my struggles on dieting, how it had been difficult and I felt a little daunted by it.  She said, “Emily, is food black and white for you?  Or is it gray?”

One of the theories that have come up as we have been together is the difference between things, and people to some extent, being either black and white, with hard and strict definitions and lines, or good, old-fashioned gray area where everything is sort of free floating.

I think I generally operate in a gray area.  Few things are defined for me, especially in my diet.  My exercise is black and white though.  I either do it, or I don’t and when I don’t I pay the consequence.  I try to go as much as I, and I try to push myself.  I am not starting to wonder if that black and white contributed to my foot injury.  But I made a decision to make it black and white in January because I felt like I needed to get up and exercise, that to me seemed harder than eating well at the time.

As we progress in the year though, exercise isn’t something I have to force nearly as much.  I want to do it.  Hell, I even dream about running.  And I have grown a little more gray, listening to my body when it’s time to run and time to rest.  Maybe it’s time to be a little more black and white about food.

So my Monday Motivation is just that.  I am committing to being stricter about food.  No “this is just a little cheat.”  I am going to make a veggie, fruit, and nutrient packed breakfast smoothie, I am going to eat roasted veggies for lunch, and I am going to make a healthy dinner, all of which will no longer include me overeating or endless snacking.  I even bought almonds to help on the snacking front.

I am hoping this will help me have more energy, feel better, and get closer to my goal of generally living a healthier life.

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