Wednesday Weigh In: Cleaning Up My Eating

I only started cleaning up my eating on Monday, but I already feel really good about it!  Last night I went out to see The Wombats with a friend and I felt really good.  More energy than I have had in a long time!  The only thing that held me back was it was at The Ogden, which means unless you snag a seat early on, you are standing, so of course my foot bothered me.  Even then, with the energy I have and the better spiritual attitude, I didn’t mind it.  I stretched it, and tried to stay grounded and in the moment, and I feel like I wasn’t really bothered. Heck, I even went and stood in the line at Voodoo Donuts afterward!

Now you are wondering, why, if I am trying to eat cleaner, did I go to Voodoo? Well because my friend wanted to go as her after-concert tradition.  Eating out was a scary thing and I knew this night would be the first test.

We started at an Irish pub, The Irish Snug, down the street from the venue.  I had every intention to get a salad, but as I looked at the menu and listened to my body, I knew that wasn’t going to be nearly enough for me to get the energy I needed for the night.  I am so restrictive on calories and food during the day, really only eating fruits and veggies , that I am famished by dinner. Normally, I balance this out by having lean meats and carbs at dinner.  I ended up having a burger and fries.  Was it the best?  No.  But I am confident in listening to my body and knowing that I needed to have red meat and potatoes.

My worry was the visit to Voodoo, which I knew was coming.  Voodoo is cash only and I elected to carry some cash and my credit card, no debit.  So I opted to get rid of my cash at the Ogden instead of being even remotely tempted to buy donuts.  Truth is, I wasn’t really tempted at all.  Even as I stood in line, smelling the sugary warmness and watching the entire menu circle around in a display case, I knew I didn’t really want one.  My body didn’t want one.  My head, surprisingly, also didn’t want one because it knew the guilt I would feel if I did eat one.

I am actually really proud of myself.  It’s a bit of a win for me.  Now, I just need to keep it up for the rest of the week.  Month.  Year.  Life.

Lastly, here are my results for the week.  I finally lost a little weight!

(all measurements in inches, last week’s #s in <>, beginning numbers in {} )

  • Weight: 275.4 <279.4>  {278.2}
  • Neck: 16.25 <16.5> {16.5}
  • Upper Arm: 17.00 <16.75> {17}
  • Chest: 50.50 <50.25> {50.25}
  • Natural Waist: 49.5 <49.5> {50}
  • Modern Waist: 48.0 <48.5> {48.25}
  • Butt: 51.75 <51.5> {52.5}
  • Thigh: 29.25 <29.75> {29.25}

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