Feeling Good Friday: A Night Out

I am not going to lie; life has been stressful around here.  For some reason, that I still don’t, understand I decided to not only take on this blog, my new diet, and a more dedicated fitness schedule while starting my own company.  This means that stress eating has to be replaced with exercise, and I have to be sure to work until I go crazy and to take some time for myself.

Last night was a great example!  I went on a date with my husband, Andrew, to see Cabaret at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.  The show is a mixed review for me, but the night was wonderful.

Since I am a theatre fiend (two theatre degrees here) we have been attending shows pretty regularly.  This year we decided, with the help of an amazing friend, to purchase season tickets.  This has made for a routine starting at the Corner Office Restaurant.

I love The Corner Office.  Even when their food is so spicy I want to die it is incredibly delicious.  I don’t think I have ever had something bad.  Last night was no exception.

Normally Andrew and I pig out on some tapas like samplers including honey sea salt Brussel sprouts, duck skewers, duck poutine, and Hungarian flatbread, which we top off with drinks and dessert.  I was wary about that last night because I am trying to be so much more conscious about food. Do I get a salad, an entree, or do I enjoy this occasional meal out?  I opted for the occasional meal about because as much as I want to be fit and make good decisions, I also want to live and enjoy my life.

I did stray off the menu, splitting a bowl of eggs and bacon ramen and sesame chicken with Andrew, as well as drinks, dessert, and those tasty duck skewers. I don’t feel guilty.  I don’t feel great.  But I feel comfortable.  And relaxed!!  I feel very relaxed after the date night out with my husband!

Happy Friday!

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