Settling into Routine

I’ve been pretty faithfully on my diet for over a week now.  Getting up and making the smoothies has become routine, they are delicious, relatively easy, and I look forward to them.  After quite the cheat day on Saturday, which included Chik Fil A, French Toast, and the yummiest burger and onion rings from my in-laws, I found it really easy to skip our usual Sunday morning breakfast, bacon and eggs, to have a smoothie instead.  Even Andrew is loving the smoothies!  He has skipped over his usual breakfast burrito in favor of them.

The only issue I seem to run into is that I get hungry fast.  So I make lunch, still roast veggies for now, pretty early.  The veggies don’t fill me either, and I am usually hungry again around 4, when I eat a quick snack of fruit or almonds, and then by dinner I am ravenous and usually eating way too much.

I am going to try a different approach and eat a small lunch that includes lean meat and carbs and follow that up with a smaller dinner.  Hopefully not feeling so hungry will help me make better choices at the end of the day.

Regardless, I am happy with the week.


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