Fall is Here!

This weekend was amazing, and even though I am working hard to stay motivated today, I am still trying to stay in the vibe of my weekend.

First of all, on Friday night I made it to Red Rocks!  We were in a way better lot this time, but it still required a hike in and a hike out.  Heck, I even willing climbed the stairs a few times to get drinks and go to the bathroom.  I just really tried to stay present, to enjoy the sights and sounds and not worry about how rough it could be.


Saturday was FALL FEST SATURDAY.  Or at least that is what I called it.  Andrew and my roommate joined me at the Punkin Chunkin, then we went up to Erie to Anderson Farm’s fall fest.  It was a day full of walking, and I am pretty sure I felt every step.  By the end of the night, the pain was what did me in.

This frustrates me.  The pain was what scared me on Friday, it’s what ended my night on Saturday, and it’s why I spent Sunday relaxing and icing my foot.  I feel like I am held prisoner to it and that frustrates me.

So for my Monday Motivation I am trying o not to focus on that, but to instead focus on what I can do.  I had a great weekend.  I walked a lot!  And I listened to my body.  What more can you ask for?

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