The Struggle is Real

Weight loss seems so daunting right now.  I am still struggling to make better choices, and for the most part, I win.  I am more conscious, I am feeling better. Yes, I still eat things that aren’t as great sometimes, but the trend is still positive.

The issue is that it never seems to reflect. My weight is stagnant.  UGH!

And then I realize what I am saying to myself.  I am so concerned about numbers again.  That’s not why I chose this, and it’s not why I started this blog.  My goals are not about the numbers on the scale or my dress size.  It is about feeling better and changing my lifestyle.

Guys the struggle is real.  It’s so easy to make this about weight and size and forget about loving my body.  So I am going to stop focusing on the numbers, and stop posting them regularly.  But I will update on any major changes as I do quietly track just to know what is going on.

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