Self-Care and Creativity

I have been looking for ways to use my love for creativity and art and mix it in with my self-care. This a daunting task for me because when in comes to art and creativity I am a perfectionist.  With perfectionism comes stress.  And let’s face it, I need to tackle the whole idea of perfect anyway.

Several years ago I found a good way to do this: with pastels.  I love drawing with pastels because you can mold and smudge the colors around.  So I got some paper and a pack of pastels and went at it.  It always left me feeling relaxed.  I don’t know when I stopped using them, but I did.  I can tell you the exact location they are in my house, yet I never touch them.

So I have been wandering through the crafting landscape for quite some time trying to find new things.  For while it was coasters.  I have entertained creating prayer boxes off and on, and I famously have been trying to knit for years with little success.

Then everyone started to crochet.  And I wanted to crochet.  So a friend bought be a kit.  And my mother-in-law gave me lessons.  Now I crochet.

I love crochet.  I don’t know what the difference is for me, and why I prefer it over knitting, but I love it.  I love to just sit down, turn on the TV, hopefully snuggled in next to Andrew, and just crochet to my heart’s content.  There are no worries of perfection, no anxiety or thoughts from the day, it’s just me, the yarn, and TV.

So for now, my self-care come with creativity, and that makes Emily a very happy girl.

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