Weekend Temptation, Part 2

I survived another weekend.  This one was full of both work and play, now that I have taken on some theater work on the weekend.  The real question is, how did I fair on food?  Quick answer: Better, but not great.  It wasn’t for a lack of trying, though.  I had a healthy dinner prepped for Friday night that I thought would be fit for 3 people, and it wasn’t.  So we ordered Chinese, and I ordered too much.  On Saturday I ate late in the day and knew I had to last for quite a while so I had a filling but good breakfast, I had a small dinner, and then drank the remainder of my calories while out with friends, finishing the night at Taco Bell, because Taco Bell only tastes good after drinking.  Sunday was by far the best, filled with salad, my rejected healthy dinner from Friday, and a good breakfast.

Every weekend has been an F.  I would give this a solid C-.  So I win this round, but there is much room for improvement.

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