Happy Halloween

I love Halloween, but I always find costume daunting.  For all my creativity I feel like I am always coming up short on idea for Halloween. Even my theatre background cannot save me when it comes to costumes.

Like everyone I am faced with one of four options:

  • Option 1: Do nothing.  This option is awesome.  It means you get to stay in, order pizza, and watch Hocus Pocus.  Ok, fine, but maybe that is a little lonely.  Or, maybe you are an introvert and that is fine.  Who I am to judge you? Example: My husband who would rather stay home.
  • Option 2: The easy cosume. This is a step above doing nothing.  It’s finding a way to make your everyday outfit a Halloween outfit. Example: When I make my husband go out and he adds a comic com badge to become a comic con participant.  I love him.
  • Option 3: Store bought.  It’s a step above easy, but you have had to put in a little effort.  Maybe you had to collect a few accessories, maybe it all came in the bag.  I am pro this method.  Sure you might be spending more, but it’s nice to have most of the work done for you.  And there is a plethora of things to choose from: “slutty” versions, or full versions, male or female, intense or easy, pirate, dracula, hippies, 50s greaser, Raggedy Ann, cop, fireman, I could go on like this for hours. Example: Greek Goddess which I have rocked for years!
  • Option 4: Make something.  Either fully from scratch, or cobble something together from thrift stores. They are arguably the best costumes everytime. But not everyone has time or effort for that nonsense. Example: My 80s unicorn this year.

When you are plus sized you have the added bonus of “will that fit me?”  Let’s be frank, option 1 and 2 are easy with this, option 4 can run into issues if you can’t find the right size or pattern, but option 3 SUCKS!  You might fit, you might not, and the craptastic material it’s made out of will cling to every lumpy piece of you.  And the non-sexy variety? You can kiss looking sexy goodbye, because those are hardly ever made above a size 8.

I have been lucky over the years to find a mix of options that have worked for me.  Here is a slideshow of everything I have done over the last 10 years. I guess I always have made it work. Happy Halloween!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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