Blueberry Lemon Cupcakes

I never said I didn’t love cupcakes!  Maybe it’s not the best way to start a food section of this blog that talks about fitness, but let’s be real: Cupcakes are delicious, I love them, and in moderation, they are totally fine.  Who am I to tell you to not eat them?

This week’s election madness got to me.  I told you on Wednesday that I am trying to be more positive, and I am, so yesterday when I woke up to more and more negative news I decided I needed a happy distraction.  My dad had requested spending some time together baking cupcakes, so I called him over.

The recipe was scavenged off of Pinterest and though it was a little more of an intense bake than I am used to, it was DELICIOUS and totally worth it!   Particularly the lemon cream cheese frosting, which is so velvety. Go bake them!  Go!  Now!  Do it!

Or if you are lucky, I will make them for you!

Have a great recipe you think I should try!  Send it to me!

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