Not Quite Buddha

Today I am intrigued by this quote:change-your-thoughts-and-you-change-your-world-2

So before I delve into this quote and why it is so powerful for me today, let’s start with the fact that I did research the quote and found that it is quite possibly falsely attributed to Buddha.  I attribute it in the meme because I can, but let’s face it with the Internet being what it is it’s highly more likely that it’s not.  Oh well, adds and air of legitimacy I guess.

So even if Buddha didn’t say it, I still love it. It’s what I want, and further more what I need to hear right now.  In so many way I do believe I thought my way into where I am now.  It happened as I believed working out was hard and being lazy was better, and that eating better was boring and eating bad was more exciting.  I hold those bad foods and being lazy on a pedestal.  Worse, I have been holding them up on a pedestal for a very long time, protecting myself with fat and loneliness for so long.   How do I even begin the change that?

How do I start to think myself into growth?  Into believing that activity is better, and that healthy foods are better?  This is my battle.  Some days I win, and some days I lose.

Today is a win, yesterday was not.  The best I can do it keep trying to think the right things, like an affirmation, and slowly start re-training my brain.

What about you? Have you become what you think? How have you changed it?  Comment below.

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