Let’s Rally!

Alright team, we are down to the last week before Thanksgiving. I have every intention of enjoying that day from breakfast to my signature Maple Pumpkin Cheesecake with Pecan Praline Sauce because I love to eat.  That doesn’t mean I have to eat like crazy until that day though.  So for this week’s challenge I am going to rally!

So what does that mean?  It’s easy.

FOOD: I am going to eat the best I can.  Good meals filled with good fats and proteins, and low on carbs.  I am not going to snack incessantly.  I will cut sugary desserts, my sneaky pieces of chocolate, and pop tarts (which I love so much!)

MIND: I will mediate for 10 minutes daily.  I will take time to honor my body.

FITNESS: A dear friend of mine came over today and helped me work out a new strength training plan so I am going to do that every day.

The plan is that if I can stick to this for the next week, just 7 little old days, I will feel free to enjoy Thanksgiving to my hearts content

Join me in the Thanksgiving Rally!  What can you do for a week?

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