Up With Dinner

Part of my battle with food is that sometimes food tastes so good!  Good food makes me want to swear off bad food.  So it’s no surprise that I love eating out.


A favorite staple of ours for lovely and delicious dining out is The Corner Office in Downtown Denver.  It’s conveniently located right across the street from the Denver Center for the Performing Arts so we usually end up going right before our shows there.  They have the most delicious and eclectic menu from Chef Rich Byers.  My personal favorites include the duck skewers and the bacon and egg ramen.  Andrew loves when they feature sushi cheesecake as their seasonal cheesecake flavor.  I also love their fun cocktail menu, my favorite is The Other Woman which is fun to order and delicious to sip from a fancy glass while I take in the sights.


My favorite part of the entire dining experience might be the atmosphere, which is all mirrors and neon lights and bright colors.  It’s all the color and ambiance of a lit up shiny city scenes in 60s era romcoms when the couple spends exotic nights out on the town.  It’s like living in Down With Love and I’m wearing on the taxi cab dresses.


If you are in Denver, go try it. It’s a treat for sure!

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