Winning Courage

Today is another Monday that I emerge fresh from my group, YPT.  In December we read Dale Carnegie’s classic, How To Win Friends and Influence People.  It’s fitting for me in so many ways, and felt like a Godsend in the post-election disarray that we’ve been in.

I don’t want to delve to far into the book because this isn’t a review, and I think you should go read it for yourself.  Instead I am going to give you this Carnegie quote, which is my motivation to start this week.


Sometimes I forget my courage.  We all do.  At the moment, mine is hiding, resting, hibernating.  As December builds into the holidays and fizzles out into 2017 I am taking time to reflect on the year that I have had and the courage I have found this year.  It’s like an iceberg, I can only see the bit that above the surface.  The rest is hiding underwater, larger than I can even imagine.

The knowledge that courage is there is what keeps me going,  digging and searching for more. As I take time to contract, to breathe in, to relax I think about what courage I will find next  year.  I can’t wait to take another leap.


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