2016 Reflection

For the most part, I would say that 2016 was great for me on a personal level.  I did a lot and stuck to my goals, in part thanks to my wonderful YPT group, but in larger part to myself. I changed a lot in my life, I took risks I hadn’t even thought of before, I ran a 5K, I went to the gym far more consistently than I ever have, and I left a job that had brought me many wonderful things, but had just simply run out of time in my life.  I started to work for myself again, the biggest leap of all into the unknown.

The last few weeks left me a little worse for the wear.  Hence why I just didn’t write a darn word here. I had a cold spanning from the 11th to the 15th, which knocked me out not to mention impeded me from doing the thousands of Christmas things I needed to get done.  So from then on I went into overdrive mode.  That was until the pipes in my kitchen burst on the 18th due to a wicked cold that had settled in Denver that took temps well below freezing. The pipes wasn’t entirely terrible: despite the two inches of water we managed to get enough towels down to save the carpet in the house.  The maintenance  team acted fast in getting the water off, and thought they had to cut multiple holes in my kitchen wall and cabinets, thy got the pipe all taken care of.  What sucked was that they then took over a week to put in all back together, and since we had to empty two cabinets in the process we had dishes all over our tiny kitchen making it pretty much impossible to do anything.  And I was hosting Christmas dinner.

Again, this was fine.  It didn’t bother me so much.  The reason why is because I was far to concerned about something else: my foot.  In the search to find a maintenance man I took a leap up a large step and something in my foot snapped. I could hardly walk, only barely being able to put weight on my toes. A trip to the doctor’s office revealed that my plantar fasciitis was in fact a heel spur and that little spur had torn through my ligament.

Rest was the answer.  So I rested, in bed, with my computer in hand for my work, and a house I could barely move around in because the kitchen was still a mess.

Except I did not take kindly to any of this.  Instead of resting,  I talked my mom into getting my crutches so I could to my best limping around.  This worked well until those crutches helped me in falling down the stairs and twisting what was my good ankle on Christmas Eve.

Ok, if this is a sign then I should stop and listen right?  Yeah, no, instead I kept on, in utter pain, and went to Christmas Eve church and dinner with my family.  And Christmas dinner the next day.  On the 26th I discovered a broken computer and for some reason that is what finally made me stop.

Let’s be honest, this is good mercury in retrograde stuff right here.  What I took it to mean was the Universe yelling at me in its most powerful voice it has to sit down, reflect on a good year, and get ready to take on the next.  But just take a minute to breathe, woman!

So I have reflected, meditated, and moved forward slowly.  The answers I needed came to me with the magic a patience.  A person to fix my computer. An old friend offering me a hand.  Clarity washing over me.

I said goodbye to 2016 not with anger like the rest of the world, not with sentimentality like I have in years past, instead I didn’t say a goodbye at all.  I said hello to 2017, head high, heart open, with determination that this chapter is going to build upon the last. I made great strides with myself in 2016, but didn’t quite get where I wanted.  Because life is a journey, not a destination.  Something that has only taken me 32 years to learn.  So I am eager to wander father down my journey, and build upon everything that has come before me and make this year better than before.

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