Hello 2017 Emily

Since August I have been writing this blog with the intention of truly living up to its name: Fit and Fat.  Problem is I only hinted at the fit. There was a lot of fat.

Let’s be honest, I wasn’t ready.  My fall was stressful: I left a job that had a guaranteed paycheck to working for myself.  That choice had me constantly wondering if I had done the right thing.  I felt as if I was swimming in a sea a self doubt.  A choppy, stormy sea where I did not always keep my head above the water.  It was hard.

Thankfully, I have the most incredible support system, between amazing friends, YPT, my family, and, of course Andrew.  They have helped me survive the storm. Thank you!

With that, it’s time to take new steps in 2017.  I wrote in the last blog about how my inability to really stick to the fitness stuff in 2016 isn’t a bad thing.  Instead I think I prepared myself to take on this challenge in other ways.  I was on another part of the journey.  Now I feel like I am at the part of the journey that gets me truly focused on this.

I have been looking for the perfect way to do this, and it came to me almost a year ago from a friend from the past.  She was working with Beachbody as a coach and wanted to know if I was interested as well.  I said no because I am so morally opposed to the term “beachbody.”  I believe every body is a beach body and the idea of physical perfection is total and utter crap.  It’s what I fight against every day.  It’s a cultural phenomenon I want to study.  I kindly passed and she told me she understood.

I continued to keep on eye on what she did, her progress, her positive nature, and it stuck with me.

A few months ago I found a few other people who were also doing this program and I was inspired by their transformations as well.  I almost joined one of them on their coaching team.  It seemed weird though, taking this from them, when someone who did know me in real life, someone who had spoken to me, had been kind, and came from a similar past as I did has also brought this up.

Luckily that is the same day she reached back out to me.  So the deal is done, they had a special for $200 that sounded exactly like what I needed, and my coach is someone I know, like literally know.

I am doing beachbody.  Even though I still hate the term, I know that for me this is about health not some ideal body forced upon me by our culture.  This is for me.

I will have to modify like crazy in the beginning to compensate for the heel spur and my healing ankle, but something is better than nothing. I don’t know how much I will stick to the Shakeology, but I love the idea of the 21 day fix, as portion control is my biggest weakness.  Most of all I love the home workout.  I stress out at the idea of going to the gym, even the little apartment gym I have.  That sea of self doubt I am drowning in. Staying at home eliminates that. Hopefully that means I am more likely to do it.

So Beachbody it is.  I am locked in it for at least a year, a beautiful gift I bought myself for Christmas and my birthday.  I’ll blog all about it because this is my little space for it to make sense.  Let’s do this!  Hello 2017 Emily!

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