First Steps

I am just over a week into my new healthy lifestyle and I have to say it is going quite well!  I am happy to report that I have exercised everyday since Jan. 2nd, despite my heel spur (feeling better), sprained ankle (back to normal), and some lower back pain (getting worse!).  I am making sure I listen to my body when exercising and eating, and I have been making the best choices possible.

This all has resulted in a weight loss of 5lbs!  I started at 288.6 and I am down to 283.2.  I won’t check my measurements for another few weeks, but I feel as if my fat is starting to be replaced my muscle, which means I am feeling stronger every day.

My body is clearly loving all the healthy foods, evidenced by the fact that as soon as I eat the bad foods, a product of an early birthday party and a Golden Globes party this weekend, it felt like crap!  And just as I was getting my energy back up!

I still have a lot of birthday celebrating to do before the month is out, but maybe I will take it a little easier!

As for right now I am still loving Beachbody, focusing currently on CIZE, which I LOVE because it is dance.  Something about dance keeps me endlessly interested.  I am also doing a lot of yoga for my lower back pain.  The food containers and Shakeology hasn’t arrived yet, but I am hoping they will be here tomorrow and I will dish all about that!

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