Trial Period

My birthday falls 18 days into the New Year.  I have always hated this.  It seems like such a weird place to have a birthday,so close to Christmas and all.  All my gifts come at the same time of year and often with the bargain that this is a Christmas and Birthday gift.  I guess, thanks.  This never seems to happen to anyone else.

As a child my parents always went big for Christmas, leaving my birthday to fall flat while my brother’s birthday always felt like a grand mid-october event.  It was also often shared with my mother, whose birthday falls 7 days before mine.  All of this caused me to really do birthdays as grand as possible when I was an adult.  Like being the center of attention now makes us for not having it as a child.

It’s not unusual for me to have multiple gatherings, over different groups of people in my life: a party with the family, one with friends, another with workmates, one just with Andrew.  My birthday can spread out for weeks, and this year is no different.  I celebrated just this past weekend, combining my birthday with another friend and January birthday, then just a few nights ago with my family for me and my mother, last night we had a little birthday dinner to go along with our theater tickets, and I still have one more celebration with friends to see Singing on the Rain on the 18th.

Because of all of this it makes my new year feel like it doesn’t truly start until the festivities are over. It leads to what I now call my trial period.  Each year I start Jan 1st with the best intentions, knowing full well that I will become very easily distracted in the first few weeks.  It’s like holiday mode co-mingles with the new year, I still have that festive joy but it’s also mixed with the determination to make this year better.

This year is no exception.  I’ve worked hard to get on track with diet and exercise, but for every celebration I have thrown that out the window in the spirit of living life to the fullest. In some ways I enjoy it, the leisurely step into the new year, and in some ways I just want to get right on track.

So I lost 5lbs in the first week of the year, and the second week so far has been full of eating.  It could go either way as to what that will look like on the scale.  I am feeling better, more energy and drive for both weeks, just wishing my back and feet would allow me to work more and harder.  Something tells me that is part of my trial period as well.

I am eager to leave the trial period, my brain is jumping and itching to get out.  I just have to make it one more week!

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