Goodbye, Comfort Zone

Something about being an actor and going to school for theater you hear a lot about your comfort zone.  I am sure every hears this phrase, especially in college, but when you are putting yourself out the on a stage on a regular basis, I think it comes up way more.

It’s no surprise I have become so accustomed to the phrase that a part of me has begun to tune it out.  That is a detriment to me, and increases my comfort zone.

My comfort zone right now is in inactivity. It’s easy.  It’s comfortable. It’s home. And it’s hurting my health.  I have to step out of the comfort zone.

I have been!  More and more. And that results in the uncomfortable position that is pain.  Worked muscles that hurt from pushing myself. Abs, legs, arms.  All aching almost all the time as I take my muscles from practically inept to strong. I am standing outside my comfort zone.


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