Clearing Out the Old

I have been on a mission lately to get rid of negative old energy.  It has been time, for quite a while now, to find something new.  I am tapping into new energy that is full of love, abundance, and prosperity.  In order to do that I have been tearing through my house getting rid of old, unused things.  Starting with my clothes.  Last weekend I got rid of two bags of clothes, shoes, and accessories from my closet, and I cleaned and organized everything in there.  This past weekend I did the same with my drawers, getting rid of 2 more bags and welcoming some new organization into my life.  I feel like I am shedding and old skin and stepping into a new one.

I am not stopping, so stay tuned to see what else it is that I end of getting rid of, and how that welcomes new energy into my life.  In the mean time, I am spending some time with new affirmations, which I will share with you on a daily basis. Hopefully we can shed this old negative weight together!

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