Everyone Struggles

Sometimes I feel like I am alone on my journey.  I think that is a very human thing: to internalize everything, to think it is only us that feels or understands something, the only one that struggles.  We often look at others and think, “this is so much better/easier for them.”  The grass is always greener after all.

In my challenge group for Beachbody, it’s evident that many of the people with me have been doing this for awhile.  I know for sure my coach, Joanna has been.  Watching everyone else seems to make my struggle with pain in my foot and back, so much larger for me.  I think to myself, if only I started where they did, this would be easier. They aren’t having problems at all.

A few weeks ago my coach, Joanna, a friend from high school, shared her story of struggle.  Like me, she has had a rough go so far in 2017, trying to consistently keep to everything with energy issues and sickness (there is quite the cold going around the Denver area!).  She is also working to build her own business and balance her work and family life, especially being a young mom.

It turns out that she had some major problems after the birth of her son.  She had C-Section and a rough recovery.  Walking for her was trouble, let alone getting up to work or care for her son. So wanted her body to feel good again, to feel strong.  That is when she turned to PIYO.

PIYO was a slow start.  Coupled with the fact that she couldn’t see the results she struggled to keep going.  But she did.  She kept going and a year later she is glad that she did.  Here are her results:


How can you argue with that?

For me her story was important.  It reminded me that you don’t always know everyone’s story, for me, I had no idea that Joanna had struggled this way.  It also reminded me that I am not alone on this journey.  That is why we form such support systems.

I am thankful that I heard her story and thankful that I am able to work with her as my coach.  You can have her as your coach as well! Please check out her page, Strength with Grace on Facebook.  She also is starting more one on one coaching.


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