I’m a thirty-something woman in Denver, Colorado who is a geek, a wife, an entertainer, a film producer, a theatre director, a writer, an artist, a DIY lover, and a marketing consultant.  Most importantly I am fit and fat.  Fit and Fat is my mission to both love my body and totally honor it the only way it deserves, by keeping it healthy through eating well and exercising regularly.

As a child, I was not taught to eat properly or even exercise, and as a result, I was a fat kid who grew up to become a fat adult.   What my parents lacked in health awareness they made up for in confidence and gumption, so although I was fat I knew how to own it.

My 20s were filled with looking great and feeling great despite never really taking care of my body.  Then 30 hit and everything changed.  I felt terrible, the weight I once took off piled back on, I was sluggish, had acne for the first time in my life, and I wasn’t feeling young.  I couldn’t keep going like that.  I could feel my body dying.  That’s when I discovered the novel concept that if I ate well and exercise I could combat the sluggish, crappy existence.  Crazy.

I still love my body, despite how fat it is.  It has served me well, healed and protected me.  And my husband certainly loves it too!  So I am not working to be thin if weight loss comes then it comes, but I am working to be healthy while loving the body I was given.

On this blog, you won’t really find any fancy diets, just eating good foods and listening to what my body wants to eat (while ignoring the food my mind thinks my body needs).  For exercise, I prefer and love running, but I am always looking for things to keep me active and get me toned.  Whatever keeps me safely motivated on this road to betterment.

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