I Cried Over a Burger

It’s true. I literally cried over a burger.  Yes, it was awkward and weird. Let’s start with the truth.  I haven’t been great on my diet as of late.  But, I haven’t been terrible either.  I haven’t binged or really gone crazy. Instead I had little cheats here and there: a handful of Girl Scout … More I Cried Over a Burger

Something Good

Since it is Valentine’s Day, I am dedicating this post to my amazing husband Andrew.  He is more than I deserve.   He is my everything.  The title of the post comes from “Something Good,” from The Sound of Music.  The song goes: Perhaps I had a wicked childhood Perhaps I had a miserable youth … More Something Good

Be Amazing

I love this quote.  It always reminds me that I have the capacity and the permission to be amazing.  I shouldn’t need permission to be amazing, but when it comes from Maya Angelou why not just accept it.  Thank you, Maya.  I am off to be amazing.

The Quiet

Today I listen.  I have been trying to meditate and focus more on listening, and less on talking.  It’s hard for me though.  I am a terrible listener.  Just completely awful!  That is nothing in comparison to how terrible I am at listening to myself.  It goes hand in had with wanting everything now.  I … More The Quiet

One Day At a Time

I am meditating on this quote right now.  I always want to all now, to skip the line, or press fast-forward.  I’ve seen Click, I know how that ends.  I end up waiting for the result, not living in the moment.  Today I am remembering to take it one day at a time!